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About us

Since 1998, the main activities of our company are the production of charcoal and the harvesting of split firewood.

In 2010, the production of wood-coal briquettes in the form of euro-pillow 50x50mm was mastered.

  • We ensure delivery of a consignment of goods from 4.5 tons with our own transport.
  • In 2017, we completely abandoned the "barrel" technology and launched an environmentally friendly charcoal kiln with full utilization of pyrolysis gases and liquid products in the furnace.
  • Today, lump charcoal production is 50 tons per month.
  • Charcoal briquette 20 tons per month.
  • We export our own products anywhere in the world.
    You can get acquainted with the current prices for charcoal and other products by by downloading this price list. sheet.

Environmental friendliness

We work on an environmentally friendly charcoal kiln with full afterburning of pyrolysis gases. Complete lack of smoke and liquid waste.

Where is our production located?

Our production is located in the north of the Odessa region, Budey village, Kodymsky District.

Product packaging

Charcoal is packed in paper bags and placed on pallets.
Coal shipping rates for pallets:

  • Bag 1,5 kg - 250 pieces.
  • A bag of 2.5 kg - 150 pieces.
  • Bag 10kg - 39 pieces.
  • Standard wagon - 33 pallets.



We offer our customers charcoal in the original packaging "Grillbon". Coal in our packaging has a commercial fraction from 15 to 100 mm. Depending on the size of the company and the time spent on vacation, the final consumer can choose a suitable package.

Household consumers

Charcoal "Grillbon" packing 1.5 and 2.5 kg, full-color two-layer paper bag with handle in 4 languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, English, Deutsch.

For restaurants

Charcoal "Grillbon" packaging 10 kg, three-layer craft bag. Designed for cafes and restaurants.


Charcoal "Grillbon" packaging 15-16 kg, polypropylene bag. Packing calculated for export buyers, transport packaging for further packaging.

Your brand

If you want to sell coal in your brand package under your brand name, we offer you making bags according to the provided layout. Read more ... (russian)

Our dealers (in Ukraine)

Odessa, Sergey+380677097903
Kherson, Vadim+380669492952

Want to become a dealer? Order a batch of 4.5 tons (available in the range) +380674823914 Ivan

Furnace operation